Friday, April 16, 2010


04.16.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Love these bright and colorful highlighters - they make me happy even if they are joyfully overused in most be honest, I tend not to use them often anymore because of the 'abuse' - still love to look at them! :) This assortment reminds me a bit of a tetris game, as well - LOL!

Highlighting is designed to pinpoint priorities and important characteristics. As commonplace as the tool, its effective use is relatively rare. So many of us have been 'encultured' to be "all things to all people." True, there are some of us who are better at breadth, rather than depth...but we all need to critically think about the highlights of our readings, relationships, accomplishments, areas for improvement, learning, and every other aspect of our world. Discriminating amongst the options to discover the priority is, indeed, a skill worth possessing (and teaching!). Naples Shopping Plaza, US 41 East & Golden Gate Pkwy, Naples, FL

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  1. Fun! and now we can highlight on the web - does it muddy the text or clarify the ideas?