Thursday, August 27, 2009


AUG272009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Neat textures on the trunk of this sea grape tree...From gray to tannish brown, the bark peels off to reveal new growth. There are some interesting shapes and designs on this sample...and It looks to be a fairly porous tree with all of the small pits - something, frankly, that I'd not noticed before.

Is the concept of porosity one that could translate to learning? If it is a measure of 'void spaces,' then certainly the blank stares I sometimes view in a sea of student faces would qualify. But I prefer to think of the 'give and take,' (the flow) that is often associated with the volume capacity of a porous material. It reminds me of the multi-tasking that occurs in the 'wired' teens of today - some things stay connected, but not everything, despite the focus on multiple objects. Isn't that okay in today's world where content is accessible nearly instantaneously? Shouldn't our learners focus more on the skills to evaluate that easily accessible content and to prioritize the need for various content rather than worry about cramming the brain full of material that will flow out after (or perhaps even before) the last test? Naples, FL

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