Monday, August 17, 2009


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A safe place, a place for reflection and peace, a place free from negativity, and for some, a place that connotes specific religious beliefs and customs. This well-labeled sanctuary is part of a church and thus more likely to link the religious connotations. Sanctuaries can come in many 'flavors' - not just physical buildings, like churches, homes and schools...there are beaches, parks, and other areas sans man-made structures - and there's not even the need for physical many create their own sanctuaries within their minds and spirits with yoga and meditation. All of us need a sanctuary of some type - I hope yours is always available and serves its purpose.

On a different note, our school district provided an opening faculty meeting (required) with Ted McCain at the First Baptist Church of Naples due to its availability and size. Some faculty have challenged that as a breach of church/state separation. Though there were no religious messages conveyed, there were certainly symbols and references to religion. Personally, I wasn't impacted by the location, but I do think the choice and the justification of the choice didn't demonstrate sensitivity to the diversity of people's religious beliefs. Sanctuaries are in the minds of the beholders.... 6th St & 3rd Ave S, Naples, FL

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