Thursday, August 6, 2009


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This building houses one of my favorite restaurants ... it also has some interesting architectural features. Naples homes and businesses often reflect the Bahamian architecture with brightly painted color combinations and decorative outdoor shutters. Here those components have been modified with the addition of black (not a commonly used color in the Bahamas), moldings, iron enclosures and even geometric cutouts - all of which add an 'elegance' that befits Old Naples, in particular.

We often start with the same ingredients and yet are able to create something totally unique and personal to ourselves. We may borrow some elements from previous experience (a conversation with another, a concept from a recently read book, or a walk on the beach), but we make it our own - this innovation has become popular and ubiquitous in the culture of 'remix'. So, how do we teach students to differentiate between that which needs attribution and that which they can call their own? Obviously reproducing another's work in its entirety and passing it off as your own is unethical and often illegal...but how much is too much (academic papers aside)? how can we (or do we?) emphasize giving credit when we are surrounded by the lack of such? Creative commons licensing is a worthwhile alternative, but we have much work to do in this area....3rd St and 12th Ave South, Naples, FL

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  1. I like the repetition in this photograph and the contrast of the black ironwork with the bright yellow building. Hope the food is good.

    Sometimes it takes little things to show our own personalities as unique from others while at the same time imitating what we see and cherish in others