Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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Men at work (well at least two of them - I think the third one is just 'supervising!) in the hot and humid temperatures looks unsatisfying, to say the least! Finding one's 'match' in the working world, though, is very individualized and fortunately, many may indeed find satisfaction in the work shown here. Working 40-50+ years of our lives, it is helpful to recognize one's own attributes and needs, as well as the job's requisites, when looking for a 'match' - and I'm guessing most of us don't ever consciously do that...instead, we sort of float into work that seems attractive to our own personal situations at the time and stick with it unless it is terribly uncomfortable. Sometimes we get lucky and find that 'match' early on in life, but even then we may have found new 'matches' with the changing environment. No matter how you found your 'match', it plays an important role in your life - if only by the amount of time you put into it! Estey Ave and Airport Rd, Naples, FL

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