Sunday, May 24, 2009


MAY242009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Almost stepped on this Ghost Crab as I was leaving the beach and he was scurrying about - it appears he dug his home in a major pedestrian pathway, so he better sell quickly and move elsewhere! Checking out those claws may give you a glimpse as to why crabby best describes one who is irritable, defensive, and grouchy - this little guy is only about 4 inches wide and you can sense the anger and irritation!

Because they are elusive and often difficult to photograph, this one got the daily photograph tags today. But it was a pretty good beach day with photos of pelicans, sea turtle nests, fisherpeople, and my favorite egret! The rewards of a fifteen-minute beach adventure are vast and never fail to amaze me! 5th Ave N & Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL

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  1. The photo is so clear, you could just about reach out and touch it! Well done.