Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Sandwiched between two interesting meetings today was a short drive to another school a blinding rainstorm! We've been desperately awaiting the moisture (heard it has been the driest on record since 1934!) so no complaints there - even when I could no longer wait in the car for it to subside and had to walk through 5 inch puddles due to the ineffective drainage system - at least I didn't leave my car window down like this unfortunate driver!

Meetings are often considered a 'necessary evil' and I grant you that trying to carve out face-to-face time in our busy schedules for things that could just as easily (if not more effectively) be handled through announcements, emails, etc. contributes to that perception. This type of communication can provide an avenue for conversation that is not often replicated in announcements and emails. Unfortunately, meetings can also be considered a form of 'lip service' for communication where only listening is encouraged and true dialogue is discouraged. Ah well, maybe the rain will cleanse us! ;) Naples High School, Naples, FL

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