Wednesday, February 25, 2009


FEB252008, originally uploaded by colemama.

Expected this raw picture to look better than it had to Photoshop it up a bit! Would have been better to get closer to capture more light and focus on the content for better balance...but oh well! Maybe next time! :)

Broken and forgotten, these old objects have been abandoned at a house with a 'for sale' sign posted out front. They don't look like they hold much value except perhaps as firewood...but I love to look at their lines (both horizontal and vertical), the mechanics of the dilapidated slats, the grain of the wood...and wonder - were they ever treasured? what was their function? and where are the rest of the shutters and fence pieces? Naples, FL


  1. Well it looks great now after you've photoshopped it. I love the textures!

  2. I think the randomness of all the pieces is part of what makes it interesting - the different pieces, each with their own textures and lines - interesting composition.