Monday, September 28, 2009


SEP282009, originally uploaded by colemama.

These shiny silver wheel rims have often caught my eye while driving through a busy intersection, but not until this evening (with the strong sun making its way towards the horizon) did I have an opportunity to safely focus and push the shutter! A little help from 'boost' post-processing and the colors, shadows and reflections 'pop'.

Most days, I prefer the simplistic...but the decorative, the multi-dimensional and even the gaudy often provide a multi-sensory experience that is difficult to deny! Multi-tasking is a gift that many of us do these days - not always successfully, but our environment and societal demand a certain amount of juggling. Indeed, my concrete-sequential mind is challenged to be random-abstract on a constant basis! Fortunately, it is difficult to be bored... US 41 E & Davis Blvd, Naples, FL

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