Sunday, September 6, 2009


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Even the ordinary flock of sea gulls and terns look magnificent in flight - perhaps due to the unattainable desire to take off and fly ourselves (sans machinery). No matter the obstacles, though, the dream to improve, to innovate, to grow is the initial visualization. Is it a prerequisite for change? Examples of laboratory 'mistakes' leading to useful inventions would indicate not, but the time to kindle those hopes is often a precursor for action.

As a learner, the process of thinking and reflection is strongly vocalized, but I wonder where the allotted time is scheduled - the system still rewards the "fill the student brains with content so that it can be 'regurgitated' on a standard assessment tool." Little time is allowed for teachers nor students to really process and reflect as there is always one more thing that has to be checked off the curriculum list. Will reform (or better yet, transform) be the answer or are we still putting lipstick on the pig? 2nd Ave N & Gulf of Mexico

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